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One Stop Pest Services, Inc. Reviews

Review by: Marvin from Annapolis, MD

Work Description: Performed total pest management to include Removal of Wildflife, Bats, Snakes, Deers and Raccons; General Pest: Rodents, Cockroaches, Ants, Birds, Bedbugs and Stink Bugs; Flying Insects: Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Mosquitos; Wood Destroying Insects: Termites, and Carpenter Ants

Comments: It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Marvin Goodman as a Pest Control Professional. I have worked with Mr. Goodman for two years during his tenure with Pestmaster Services, Inc. performing pest management at the United State Naval Academy. His attention to detail, thorough inspection of the premises and follow-up was exemplary.

Mr. Goodman's promise to complete the task was as good as his word. His ability to understand the customer's need and willingness to see the task through to completion was of the highest quality.

It was a great lose to our company and to the Academy when Mr. Goodman decided to venture out forming a new pest control company, One Stop Pest Services. Anyone looking for a good pest management company would do well contracting or hiring Mr Goodman's new company.

M. Winter
Assistant Profect Manager
IAP World Services, Inc.
U.S. Naval Academy

Review by: N. C.

Work Description: Everything was completed to satisfaction

Comments: Marvin was a gentleman to deal with. Service was very prompt and accommodating of our tight schedule. I would recommend this group, Marvin in particular.

Review by: Ajoke

Work Description: treatment and prevention of roaches

Comments: Mr. Marvin is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He gave me several options and we were able to come up with an effective treatment plan that was friendly to my family and pockets!! I would highly recommend One Stop Pest Services. :)

Review by: S. M.

Work Description: Termite inspection. Also treated for spiders

Comments: On time. Thorough. Professional

Review by: Linda Y.

Work Description: Quarterly maintenance for roach and rodent control.

Comments: Service is professional, reliable, and dependable. Followup is great!!! Mr. Goodman is knowledgeable and fully explains the problem and solution. Would highly recommend One Stop Pest Services.

Review by: Jorge

Work Description: Crock Roaches and Rodents.

Comments: The services was great exterminating Crock Roaches and Rodents.

Review by: Rev J.

Work Description: We had a bunch of ants, so Marvin managed to get rid of them for us by putting stuff down inside and outside.

Comments: I am very satisfied with Marvin. He gave us recommendations for future prevention. I have recommended him to others.

Review by: S. M. from Woodbridge, VA

Work Description: Termite inspection. Also treated for spiders

Comments: On time. Thorough. Professional


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